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Mental Health Awareness- Panel Discussion@CHRIST Pune

Peaceofmind Counseling Services is continuously working towards spreading the awareness around Mental Health amongst all population alike but especially the younger generation. It was a matter of great honour to have been invited by Sr. Counselor Arpita Ghosh, at the CHRIST (Deemed to be University), Pune, to participate in this panel discussion amongst esteemed speakers Dr. Neeta Mhatre Mishra and Ms. Mitashi Pawar on the 11th of Oct, 2021.

Being aware is one aspect but actually seeking help is what matters the most. A lot is happening around promoting good mental health among all age groups, however coming forward and getting counseling is still a far cry. Counseling Psychologist, Meghna Singh, emphasized this point during the discussion. Moreover, she stressed on the need of developing self-awareness around ones own feelings, thoughts, behaviours and its conflicts with the external environment. In todays fast paced times, life existing more on social media the need to have a higher emotional intelligence becomes very crucial. How to develop it is the challenge?

During the discussion few key points that evolved were:

  • Mental Health is glaring at us and it is very much existing and a bigger looming problem than even covid

  • Individuals need to recognize and speak about their issues and challenges with professionals and not suffer alone

  • Generic symptoms that can signal that someone is going thought mental health issues

  • Talk, communicate with family and friends, reach out whenever possible

  • Stress is the beginning of most problems faced by us humans

  • Learn how to de-stress yourself each day

  • Believe in human potential to face extreme adverse situations hence don't develop the habit to avoid problems, negativity, stress situations, people etc. rather embrace it and learn to move on.

  • Be aligned with the REALITY do not trust or believe the virtual world and make it your reality

We welcome clients seeking counseling to connect with us and get personalised counseling treatment at Peaceofmind Counseling Services.

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