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What is Stress?

We at Peaceofmind receive maximum cases of individuals including adolescent children with stress and suffering from some or the other type of anxiety. Other cases too where the primary problem or disorder might be different, presence of certain level of stress cannot be denied.

Stress is a slow poison that gradually eats into our mental health and peace bit by bit.
Our current times are such that we are fed with words like stress from very young when we have no idea what our elders are talking about. We start relating to it as something we know about and is our own. We are on the lookout to embrace stress at every opportunity we get. 


We need to understand that mostly we stress not on the work we have in hand but mostly due to the subconscious mind that is so hung up on the outcome/result of that work in hand. It doesn't not allow us to rest thus impacting the outcome in any case.

For example: A person is appearing for a job interview and he/she wants to crack it and get the job. There might be other requirements attached to it like salary hike, better position, status or sense of achievement. These outcomes mean a lot to the person and hence his focus is more on- if he is unable to get the job then? This gives rise to stress, conflicting thoughts eventually affecting the individual to the extent that he actually spoils his chances at the job.

Human race is designed such as to work hard to bear more than it can bear and constantly strive for betterment and perfection but our attitude and association to the suitable/like-able outcomes kills the thrill, the enjoyment that lies in the work at hand. Result STRESS.

Isn't it so?

One can practice to remain more calm in situations that cause stress. How? He/She needs to train self to put the right combination of efforts/attitude to the job in hand but be prepared for any outcome. Let not the desired outcome affect your psych. 

If the outcome is preferable then enjoy it.
If the outcome is not favourable then there are two main things to do:
1. Evaluate what went wrong without any bias towards self
2. Take on the next work at hand (it could be the same job with new corrective actions, zeal and renewed motivation or the next job but with a better Attitude that you learned from your previous work experience).

So let's not give in to stress rather win over it with a different Outlook and Perspective for better mental health and Peaceofmind.
Have a Stressless day!

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