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Welcome to PEACEOFMIND Counseling Services



For many, counselling might seem as a trend or a gimmick of modern times but based on the exhaustive amount of research and studies done and the evidence that is available to us each day, it can be said that counselling has become a necessity in todays society.


At one end we have the massive impacts of globalization and the Internet and on the other hand the reducing capacity of human minds to tolerate, to bear, to accommodate and to adjust to this enormous change. It is like a huge melting pot of materialism and humanism in which materialism looks like winning the battle. And the outcome is not good at all.

Children as young as a year old are being diagnosed with anxiety. Normal people having ideal lives are going into depression People are adamant of taking other people's lives in the heat of the moment. Rate of divorces have increased alarmingly even in developing countries like India. Teenage suicides, adolescent crimes are on the rise.

Then we have other issues like the developmental problems caused due to brain dysfunction, injuries like learning disabilities, speech disorders, down syndrome, autism etc.

For all the mentioned above symptoms/issues, individuals, parents, families are not equipped entirely to tackle them. This is where Counselling Services play an important role to bridge that gap, to give that window of opportunity to all who are troubled or who want to be heard.

Our Dynamic Team consists of psychologists Meghna Singh & Harsharan K. Randhawa.

Meghna Singh is an Ex. IT Consultant with over 15 yrs of comprehensive experience across multiple domains giving her an edge over her other compatriots. She is a very passionate individual and has a genuine willingness to extend help to the people in general suffering from life and self issues. 


She is equally lucky to be joined with Harsharan Randhawa, another very passionate and determined woman of substance who has over 20 yrs of teaching experience and equal experience in working with children of all age groups.

Both of them together provide personalized and customized counseling and therapeutic solutions to clients.

Our Offerings

We cater to all age groups starting from 5yrs old:

  1. Individual Counselling

  2. Child/Adolescent Counselling

  3. Couple Counselling

  4. Family Counselling

  5. Psychological Counselling-Anxiety, Depression, Stress, Anger etc.

  6. Assessments/Psychological Tests including personality, intelligence tests

Our Mission
  1. To guide and facilitate clients, to a therapeutical experience

  2. To Enhance Self-Awareness of clients

  3. To Resolve core issues & life long patterns of personal struggles

  4. To provide long term life tools to cope

  5. To guide clients to want , to have the will and choice to find peace within

  6. To Achieve ultimate blissfulness of mind

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