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Online Counselling Process

We at PEACEOFMIND try to cater to the needs of our clients through online counselling as well more so in current situation of the looming Covid-19 pandemic, that has brought almost every interaction ONLINE!. For One to One, online counseling we can be reached via the Lybrate App. Click here to book your online counseling appointment.

The face to face counselling is more effective and has an extra advantage of establishing the Client-Counsellor relationship better.

Facial expressions, body language, speech etc. hold a lot of information that is quite helpful to the counsellor for assessments. Online counselling is not suitable for critical psychiatric illness and ineffective during crisis (e.g. an individual having suicidal thoughts will require immediate attention)

Still online counselling has its own benefits, it has flexibility of time, place and region. It benefits more for providing counselling to remote areas and physically challenged individuals.

PEACEOFMIND is expanding its horizon by introducing online workshops, webinars and group counseling as part of our profile. This caters to needs of Schools, Institutes, RWAs, Corporates, Training Cells all alike. 


The therapy sessions provide opportunity for clients to work through their difficult feelings and emotions. Mutual respect needs to exist for the success of the sessions. Our Counsellors shall not accept threatening, abusive or intrusive behaviour towards them. Such behaviour may result in the session ending and the client being liable for the full session cost. Future sessions may not be permitted.

Ethics, Confidentiality and Privacy

It shall be our utmost responsibility to be ethical in our dealings and maintain the confidentiality of any/all information shared through the online mediums. We expect the same from our clients as well. PEACEOFMIND holds all the rights to terminate an association/session if there is breech of any of these terms and client is liable for full payment of the session. 


We use Video Calling (Skype, Whatsapp, Zoom etc.), Text/Email and Telephonic mediums for Counselling. Based on the comfort and availability, the medium to communicate is established with the client. Sessions are conducted as per the appointment date and time.

Process (Online Counseling-Webinars)

1. Give us a call or email us, your workshop/webinar requirements.

2. A meeting is held to discuss and finalize the commercials and work in hand.

3. Based on Agreements the schedules are prepared, Topics/Dates are freezed.

4. Workshop/Webinar/Seminar held on the said date. A separate internal process is there for the conduction of the sessions.

*We provide pro-bono services the First Time as our offer.

Process (One to One Counseling)

1. Book an appointment by calling us or raise an appointment via Lybrate, for the day and time that suits you in advance. 

2. Make the payment via Paytm/Direct Transfer/Netbanking.

3. Sessions start on time. 

4. Based on the problem and situation of the client the subsequent sessions are planned.

5. When both client and Counsellor mutually agree, the association is terminated.


* we encourage our clients to provide their feedback so that we can continuously improve our methods and processes.

Book Appointments for Online Counselling: 

Lybrate Online

To Book for Webinars/Workshops

Call us: 7836950905

Email us:

Discount for Clinic Appointments

Bulk bookings at clinic get discount of 12.5% 

*other modes of payments are accepted as well

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