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For IGNOU MAPC Students

If you have undertaken the MAPC course from IGNOU then there are few essential points to be remembered always. These points listed below shall help and guide you in completing your MAPC course more smoothly with lesser surprises and problems.


  1. Choosing the right study centre: Do some research and talk around to know the study centre you want to choose for your IGNOU course. Key points: Accessibility, IGNOU Staff

  2. Study Material/Handbooks: Study material provided by IGNOU is really good though not updated in the past few years still it is quite comprehensive and exhaustive too.

    1. Note: All handbooks should be read thoroughly, in my experience I have found that students want all the help from others but they do not want to help themselves. So go through the brochure and all the handbooks. They store all the administrative information including instructions for Schedule, process of examinations, fees along with details of practical, internship and project. Please READ IT!

  3. Establish good contacts and communication with your study center administration, it could be your teachers, supervisors or center in-charge. This will help you to keep yourself abreast with the communication coming from the study center like the schedule of classes, assignment, practical submissions and exams.

  4. Prepare a WhatsApp group of your class to exchange relevant and important information

  5. Attending the subject classes Months of Mar to Aug (January Batch), July to Jan (June Batch), helps you to establish a rapport with the study center faculty, increases your know-how on how your center works and allows you to meet your batch-mates. Although attending these classes are not compulsory still recommended for the benefits it brings.

  6. Study Schedule: Since many of you might be working or studying in parallel it is very important to be regular in your classes and also keeping aside a fixed time for self-study. The IGNOU papers can be very exhaustive and difficult and different. Scoring is also quite tough.


If you have the will power and determination then you can definitely complete MAPC in your scheduled two years. So ALL THE BEST!


MAPC 1st yr

Assignments: There are 6 set of assignments, you should always attempt the latest set of assignments questions (current year) even if you joined two years ago. Stick to the word limit. Examples are a must. Do not buy external kunjis/answers they are not completely correct.


Practical: Students are supposed to write 5 practicals in their file. Do not forget to refer the handbook. I am not sure if your study centre shall conduct all the five practicals or not but few centres do take the pains to allow their students to experience the practicals.

Follow the structure suggested in the handbook. All your practical should have strong ‘discussions’ at the end after your interpretation.


Term End Exams: You can appear in term end exams both in June or December it is your choice and you can plan your exams accordingly. If you can only then appear in all 6 papers of first term. You can split it between your Jun/Dec exams. Do remember though it is very important to clear MPC-005/006 i.e. Research Methodology and Statistics papers to be able to start your project of second year. One of the requirements of second year projects is that you have cleared MPC-005/006 (005/006 Marks needs to be attached in project synopsis)

MAPC 2nd yr Counselling/Clinical/Organizational Behaviour

Select your specialization on lot of thought on what you want to do and in which area.


Assignments: There are only 3 set of assignments so kindly finish off the assignments on time so that you have sufficient time for bigger challenges of Internship and Project.


Practical: The same goes for practical paper, do not miss your practical classes. Query your teachers to know maximum about the practical in hand. Prepare you file in time and submit on time so that you can appear in the viva as per schedule.

Internship: If you have deposited your second year fees then you are eligible to enrol in any internship in the institute of your liking. Do not keep your internship for the last. Internship brings lot of clarity in the subjects that you have chosen, it gives you exposure to counselling, to people management, learn the counselling ethics on job and helps you in understanding how the counselling process/business works. Internship should not be considered as just one of the requirements of IGNOU MAPC but it is the utmost requirement for you as a preparation for becoming professionals in the field of counselling. Although the internship requirement is 240 hours but if you can continue the same for longer then it is great.

Note: Most of the private counselling/clinical centres demand fees for providing internship since you shall be using their resources. But there are many government setups, hospitals, institutes who demand basic fees or no fees at all. Choose your location of internship wisely.


Project: One has to clear the RM and Stats papers to be eligible for project preparation. The first stage is preparation of the project synopsis. But even before that it is very important to choose a good project guide. This is a bit tricky but read your handbook to understand the requirements of a Project Guide, IGNOU has laid down these requirements for which you need to attach proofs in your project synopsis. Many a times synopsis are rejected because the guide’s credentials did not meet with IGNOU requirements. It is always good to keep in touch with your study centre administration and talk about such matters by the end of your first year for better insight. If possible interact with senior mapc batches you come across in your study centre.

Once you submit your synopsis it can take up to a month and a half to receive approval.

Once approval received you can start working on your project i.e. Data Collection. I advise the students though that if they get time then it is always better to start planning and conducting data collection. Reason being Data Collection can be very time consuming and depressing and many a times not as per your plans (you want 100 sample but you may not be getting even 50).


IGNOU expects a good project not a childish or a PhD standard but a good project that exhibits your skills. MAPC project should be a data collection and interpretation project not a Pre/Post analysis. Hence think of all such relevant topics, where the data collected by you shall contribute or address a relevant issue existing in the society. Your project should contain at least two variables, so more the better but not too many to confuse and complicate.

Reminder follow your handbook on how to write the project as all instructions are available in it.


Term End Exams: There are just three papers if you give yourself a month’s preparation you can score quite well in these exams. It is very important to refer psychologists/studies etc. in your answers along with relevant examples.


Assignments: Study Center

Practical File: Study Center

Internship File: Study Center

Project Synopsis: Either Regional Center or IGNOU Head Office (Maidan Garhi) for Delhi students

Project: Regional Center

I have tried to cover here in brief many aspects of the MAPC course and hope that it helps the students. This is a very decent and robust IGNOU course do take it seriously and request that you sincerely do it on your own. Future professionals who shall be dealing with psychological well-being of their clients or dealing with children, it is our duty to be righteous.

If you have the will and the heart for your passion then you will definitely do very well in this course.

Kindly write to us if you have further queries. Wishing each and every MAPC student the best.


Meghna Singh

MA Psychology (2018)

* with a nominal fees you can get further detailed guidance on your Subjects, Practicals, Internship and Project. Contact: 07836950905 or write to: 

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