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  • What is Counselling?
    Counselling is a process that helps you and gives you clarity about your issues that trouble you. It gives you better insight to your problem and creates self-awareness.The counsellor's role is to offer support and understanding, and to listen and respond in a non-judgmental way. S/he will respect your values, choices and lifestyle. Counselling can also help with making decisions, choices or changes that are right for you. It helps you to understand your problem more deeply and deal with it more efficiently. One should take counselling as an open, receptive and confidential forum.
  • What kind of problems should be discussed with the counsellor?
    Any/all Problems faced by children, adolescent, adults, individuals, families, that stops them from funtioning properly in life. e.g. Lack of concentration is studies, Low self confidence, Problems related to peers, Emotional stress, Family issues/Relationships, Self-Identity/Self-Esteem issues, Work-Place/Financial problems, Drugs or alcohol addiction, Home sickness/Social/Conduct Disorders, Sleep disorders/Eating Disorders, Loneliness/Anxiety/Phobias, etc. We want to reach out to each one of you who are dealing with their problems on their own and are unable to find a way. Are stressed and depressed beacuse of it. Our utmost responsibility is to maintain privacy and confidentiality of client indormation.
  • What will others think of me if I visit the counsellor?
    Counselling is no more a tabboo and it has become necessary in schools, institutes and even corporates. 'What others will think of me' is many a times the root cause of many issues. One needs to understand that supressing emotions, living with the stress for long shall not resolve their problem but it can magnify into something that might be unmanageable. So for example, if day to day feeling of sadness, social withdrawal, unexplained anger outbursts is not addressed/recognised on time then it could lead to MDD (Major Depressive Disorder).
  • How confidential is counselling?
    Confidentiality and Privacy are the basic principles on which counselling services are based, as per the APA guidelines. We do not share your information even with your family members without your permission.
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