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At PeaceofMind,  we offer psychological counselling using the best suited therapies and techniques for our clients, to bring about positive changes to thought processes, behaviours and coping skills for long term. Here are the various areas that we cater to:


Individual Counselling:


One to one/Face to face counselling with the client. In such cases, unless not required we do not interact with the family and provide remedies and resolution to the problems of the client one on one. Anybody who is facing psychological (stress, anxiety, panic, depression etc.) or interpersonal (social deprivation, loss of interest, losing on relations or non-expression of emotions etc.) issues, and is unable to share it with their friends or families, can approach PeaceofMinds to talk and share, cause we LISTEN!


Child Counselling (above 5 years):


With changing times, values, and lifestyles children are the most affected and their growing brains many a times are challenged to make these adjustments. At the same time we are hearing more and more cases of influences of genetic disorders. Primary Schooling is the right time to screen children who could be showing signs of Attention Deficit, Learning Disabilities, Hyperactivity, Speech Disorders or in general conduct disorders or behavioural issues. Hence at PeaceofMinds, we cater to the needs of such children and also assist the parents how to adapt to the needs of their child.


Adult Counselling


Any kind of adult issues may it be problems at the work place leading to stress, lack of confidence, and self-esteem, anxiety, OCD, depression, bipolar problems, mania and or other psychological issues that are restricting you to utilize your full potential or hindering you in establishing healthy interactions and finding success in life, then PeaceofMind is the right place to approach. Most of the times a new perspective or view of things, people or situations is sufficient to bring insight into client's problems.


Adolescent Counselling


These days ages between 9 yrs to 18 yrs are very crucial and critical for adolescents. Not only are they faced with developmental challenges (puberty) but also are influenced by peer pressure, being judged, pressure to succeed and establish, finding a career, opposite sex attraction, acceptance, self-identity, self-image the list is endless. We should not ignore the massive influence of the third kind that is from digital exposure (mobiles usage, social networking, internet). As per an American study it has been found that One in every Four teenager is constantly online. Figures in Indian metros is equally alarming. Hence as parents one needs to establish a very healthy relationship with their child so that there is absolute transparency and open communication. But to establish that Parents have to be equipped with new ways and the child has to be counselled for the right way ahead in their lives. PeaceofMind does just that.

Relationship counselling


It would not be wrong to say that root cause of most of the psychological ailments arise due to minor relationship stressors that gradually grow big enough to start troubling the psychological arrangement of the individual leading to complex problems that go out of hand. PeaceofMinds wants to emphasize that such problems can be avoided or managed better with proper counselling and insight. We try to involve all parties to come to a conducive understanding of the issues. So it could be that we involve and approach spouses, parents, siblings, care-givers etc. where required to resolve any kind of relationship issues.

Group Counselling/Therapies


For certain issues, problems it is better to have group level of counselling. Especially for adolescent problems e.g. generic issues like Peer Pressure, Exam Phobia/Management, Self-Identity, Opposite Sex Attraction/rejection etc. are better resolved through group counselling since it is shared by all. Similarly substance abuse, anger management, general anxiety can also be addressed through therapies in groups. PEACEOFMIND understands this and hence visions to take up such issues under group workshops and counselling.

Corporate Associations and Relations

These days organizations, institutions, schools, colleges all are seeking mental well-being of their people, employees. It has become an essential component of the overall growth and development of the organization. PEACEOFMIND continuously is driven to evolve and better its reach across all such sectors. In lieu of that we proactively provide customized solutions to the needs and requirements of the organizations. One point contact to address individual employee issues, Target Group Workshops, Webinars/Seminars on relevant topics that enhance the overall effectiveness of the employees and ensure sustained mental well-being!

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