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Marriage Counseling-A series on understanding your marriage relationship better

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

Is your marriage perfect? Are you happy with your life as a spouse? Do you feel fulfilled?

There are so many questions like these that we often ask ourselves in our relationships especially in our marriage.

Even if we don’t accept we know that any Marriage is not PERFECT. There are many ups and downs in it. In fact, there can’t be a 100% perfect marriage because 100% perfection means- fabrication, exaggeration, materialism, appeasement. A bond of marriage is made between two individuals who are totally two different human beings coming from different family backgrounds and might differ in their likes, dislikes, opinions, thinking, preferences and choices. This makes it very obvious that with all these differences possibility of having repeated heated discussions, arguments, anger, mistrust, dissatisfaction and frustration is quite likely which might culminate into separation or divorce.

There can be multiple fundamental reasons behind the above factors that can lead to the end of a marriage relationship. They are:

Although, no marriage relationship is perfect still it can definitely be made better by patience and handling the ups and downs in a positive and effective way for long term gains.

Getting help from a professional is definitely on the cards these days since most of the couples are either living in isolation or do not have the requisite support from friends and family. Additionally problems in marriage can even bring feelings of guilt, shame and uncertainty that pushes one away from discussing it with the right kind of people.

However in such situations seeking help from a Marriage Counselor can definitely bring perspective in the lives of the estranged couples and provide them insight into making the right decision.

We at Peaceofmind want to address this relevant issue with compassion and extend our expertise to one and all going through turbulent times in their marriage. In our experience we have observed that a little non-judgmental help from outside enables the couples to revisit their issues constructively and work on it for mutually beneficial outcomes.

Keep a track on this series of blog posts that we are doing on Marriage Counseling.

Each of these blogs in the series shall discuss and analyse each problem component in detail and provide tips, methods and tricks which will be helpful in improving your relationship with spouse.

So, keep watching this space, for our next Blog on "LACK OF COMMUNICATION".

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You can get more insight through our video series as well on Marriage Counseling.

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