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Hope| Mindfulness| Playfulness| Compassion - Ingredients for a Fulfilling Life

Updated: Dec 5, 2020

What is life? Why do we take birth and have to live this life full of 'Shit'? Literally we are thinking more and more like this these days. Isn't it?

Quite understandable with the corona pandemic, lockdown, changing and evolving times, materialism, technology, social media, virtual world, self-analysis, comparison, loneliness etc. Do I need to continue?

Well time and again we i.e. Peaceofmind Counseling Services emphasizes that as long as we continue to use the Human Value Systems in our lives, the above factors shall not be able to pull us down rather they would allow us to overcome them with flying colors and with a better sense of Self.

While doing an exercise with a core group on random words Hope, Happiness, Playfulness etc. it struck that these were the essential ingredients that we need to keep with us in abundance always.

Lets see how:

"What is hope?"

It's a ray of light that demolishes the darkness of fear and hopelessness. Our whole life is based on hope. The biggest example of hope is, when we sleep every night, we are hopeful that we will wake up hale and hearty the next morning being very much aware about the fact that life is uncertain. It's not guaranteed whether we will wake up or not but still, it's our hope that makes us feel optimistic to see the rising sun the next morning.

It's hope, that can change our failure into success, illness into cure. It's only hope, the most powerful tool that motivates us to keep going and take us wherever we want to go and whatever we want to achieve in life.

So, Let's Promise to be always be Hopeful, no matter what!

Often I ponder why do we say 'Child is the Father of Man'.... It took me so many years to understand that being Childlike, Playful and completely in the present moment is what makes a child Happy, Forgiving, Carefree and Playful. Is it that difficult to remain playful in our approach towards life and its responsibilities as adults??

I am not a fan of the word 'Pressure' because we use it so often to explain our/others condition all the time, that it's got extremely generalised.

Can we even imagine the pressure that a Soldier is in when he is surrounded by the enemy? Do we realize the immense amount of pressure a sanitation worker goes through while going into the manholes to clean? Can we relate to the stress and pressure our medical workers are going through non-stop without holidays during this current pandemic?

I am quite sure NO!

But we have developed this habit of pressurizing people around us and our own selves over daily routine work, duties, responsibilities, studies etc. Why?

Can we not add a pinch of playfulness in our daily bearings so that this so called pressure wears off?

For a change let us try being a bit Playful and thankful!

I am sure you/we will see the difference.

Mindfulness actually means to be able to de-clutter your mind of thoughts. Human beings are blessed with a mind (brain) that is always on the go, every moment is filled with some or the other thoughts. Same as our stomach needs rest after every meal, same as our body yearns for rest and relaxation after a days work, same way as machineries require cooling time and over-oiling, our mind needs rest and relaxation. But somehow as we grow we completely disregard this fact and are always occupied with Thoughts.

We don't realise when and how we get overpowered by our own thoughts that gradually takes away our inner peace.

Hence being mindful i.e. remaining in the present moment, or not getting controlled by the thoughts, allows the mind to rest and relax.

Focusing on your breath (we don't even realise that it is this breathing that is Life!), observing the nature-the birds, the trees, the flowers, the sun, feeling the fresh air/wind, embracing the nature around are things we have almost stopped doing.

It is all part of being mindful. Being aware of your own feelings, emotions and thoughts most of the times.

How mindful are you? Let us know.

We all know what is passion? So any thing, activity, trait, interest that we like to spend our time on is our passion. The moment we associate the same kind of emotion towards others it becomes compassion. The bottom line is we cannot live without human interactions but in todays times that itself has become a challenge. We should remind ourselves that when we seek acceptance, acknowledgement, love, respect from others and feel bad when not received then why do we refrain ourselves from extending the same to others?

Hence the more we become compassionate towards others feelings, emotions, likes, needs, dislikes, behaviours, the more shall be reciprocated towards us and it shall help us to learn and develop human skills a lot.

Let us then Remember to nurture these essential ingredients #Hope #Playfulness, #Mindfulness, #Compassion and fill our life's pockets with them in abundance, so as to remain Happy and Content!

Thanks to the contributors!

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