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Mental Health awareness workshop for women “STRESS”: Ladies Club NTPC, Noida

Updated: Mar 20, 2020

Stress is all around us. These days’ even children younger than 5 year old's suffer from stress and people older than 70 yrs complain about stress and associated concerns. In fact none are spared when it comes to Stress. People everywhere are facing stress due to various reasons namely professional, personal, social and emotional. Stress if not handled or managed in a proper way can lead to many harmful consequences impacting ones physical and mental health both. If one is not able to manage his/her stress and it starts to affect their routine functioning then the best way to De-Stress is to seek help of a Counselor. Counseling is done by trained individuals (Psychologists) who have in-depth understanding of the layered complexity of the human mind and its ways.

Even though India is on the path of immense growth, modernization and development but still there is huge lack of awareness regarding Counseling and how it can assist people in addressing their day to day issues effectively. There is a dire need of creating awareness regarding this and extending its reach to as many as possible.

Keeping this into account, a mental health awareness workshop for women (wives of NTPC employees) was held at NTPC Noida on 8th Dec'2018 and was addressed by Harsharan K. Randhawa from Peaceofmind Counselling Services. This was organized by the NTPC Ladies Club in lieu of its concerns around the mental health of the NTPC community especially its women. The women of NTPC were addressed and were made aware about the need of counseling, why it was required and when exactly it was required.

Stress and its various determinants were explained to the audience along with how it can become detrimental to one’s physical and mental health if not addressed in time. As women are the base of every family and are faced with varied responsibilities, therefore it is very essential for them to be well aware of all the coping mechanisms required to remain stress free. This particular platform was utilized to resolve all their queries, doubts around counselling ethics and its process, and were even encouraged to come forward for counseling in case they felt it’s a requirement and subsequently add value to their lives.

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