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World Suicide Prevention Day

Updated: Mar 20, 2020

Our Human Race is one of the most competitive and has the immense capacity to excel in some of the extreme adverse situations and circumstances. Still there are many strong personalities who give up and end up taking their own lives.

What is it that breaks such strongest of personalities, loveliest of people to take drastic measures?

We are living in a very profoundly paradoxical times where there is cut throat competition at one end, then there is an ocean of opportunities at the other end, if there are reducing family values at one end then there is lot of debate and awareness around it as well, if there is social withdrawal and loneliness then there are people/friends including trained professionals around to help out.

The point is that it is we who interpret and perceive situations, people, circumstances, events in such a way that they become our enemies and we start to under value our true selves, our beliefs thus resulting in decline in our self-esteem, self worth and we develop extreme negative feelings.

We blind ourselves to all that we achieved till date. We cannot tolerate kind words from our own friends and family, since we feel that nobody understands us and no body can share our trials, struggles and thoughts.

We give excuses to ourselves by pointing out the achievements and good life of others to completely disregard their concerns.

One needs to understand that when our perception is blinded and we are under constant stress and surrounded by negativity a new kind of psychology develops that starts affecting our personality and gives rise to very intricate psychological schema that constantly pushes oneself to acute depression forcing to end everything that he/she has, it eats away ones coping skills.

The individual sees no light at the end of the tunnel and is driven towards a constant desire to finish everything. And that is when one attempts SUICIDE!

Suicides can be prevented, stopped if we as a parent, a friend, a brother or a sister or even a member of society are vigilant, observant and pick on cues that the suicidal individual keeps sending every now and then. But we MISS it mostly. Read 10 signs a probable suicidal individual displays

A person who might be thinking of suicide can be of two types 1. One who is suicidal by nature i.e. an individual who does self harm on and off and exhibits such inclinations from a younger age, then the issues are part of the personality 2. Two who is forced to take away his/her life due to pressures of survival (social, economical, personal, emotional etc.)

For the first type, the mental health professionals provide rigorous training and therapy that try to tweak the personality issues after assessing the self-harm behaviour. For the second type the near and dear ones as mentioned earlier have to be vigilant of signs mostly that are visible via behavioural changes and changes in interactions and then work towards providing proper support.

Be a good listener rather than being an adviser. Such individuals do not like advice, hence it is always better to listen. Create an environment for the individual where he/she can feel secure, safe. Encourage the individual to seek help either from a counselor or psychologist to provide some understanding to all that he/she is feeling, experiencing.

We have to understand and realize that it is a temporary phase and that there is help around to support you in every possible way to come out of the situation and that you shall be in a better position with a more optimistic change in attitude and perception of life.

We are social animals and today's times are cutting away branch by branch, stem by stem ultimately from our roots this very quality that enabled us to sustain for thousands of years on this planet. Fake societies existing on Facebook, Twitter etc. are holding greater credibility and thus ruining the real essence of being a Flesh and Blood human being with a beating heart, breathing lungs and a vibrant mind.

We as a society require to rebuild and restore our societal structure so that it has room for all and that each and everyone of us are able to grow and thrive to reach our goals of life.

No individual should be left out and forced to take away his/her own LIFE.

Links for more information:

Who so ever is reading this article and is going through depression or a suicidal phase kindly contact us immediately for help!!

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