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It gives us immense pleasure to be able to connect to people through our very own website. We extend our heartiest welcome to all visitors, to PEACEOFMIND Counselling Services. Our ultimate aim is to lead maximum number of people towards BLISSFULNESS so that they can achieve innermost peace and be able to achieve their maximum potential through our interventions and help.

Mental Health and well-being is the utmost necessity of todays times. People need to learn skills and techniques to be able to maintain the mental balance and lead a happy healthy life. Our mental health remains in balance not by one or two factors but multiple factors and influences:

What we have received through our ancestors i.e. hereditary and genetic and that what we have absorbed from the environment. Environment is not just air we breathe, water we drink but it embodies each and everything around us, more so our social interactions and experiences starting from our days in our mother's womb. Our social setup, our culture, our background, our education, our upbringing, lay the foundations of our personalities and our thoughts, feelings, behaviours is what signifies mental health. Of-course we should not ignore the brain structure, the brain connectors, and other chemical imbalances the most prevalent being dopamine, that also impact how we react and operate.

The high pace of technology that has leaped manifolds in the past few decades has kind of not allowed the human brain to adapt and adjust at the same rate. At the same time it has not allowed us to evolve as a thoughtful society but with a blindfold on taking up what ever is coming our way. At the same time our problems, issues or trigger sources still remain the same, i.e. Peer Pressure, Lack of confidence, low self-esteem, interpersonal deficits, distorted thoughts etc. that lead one to be depressed, stressed, anxious and if not taken care of at the right time might transform into very serious psychological matter.

PEACEOFMIND will be doing exactly that, help you at the right time with the right tools to cope and tackle your problems. So please do not hesitate, do not hide behind, do not fear of being judged, break-free and come to us so that we can HELP You!

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