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1st Batch of Interns trained under Peaceofmind

Peaceofmind Counseling Services, is gradually advancing in the right direction towards training more and more people around importance of #mentalhealth through their various counseling ventures.

To this effect we feel happy to have recently finished our first ever Internship for two very promising Psychology (Masters) students from Amity University Noida, Nandini Bajaj and Priyanshi Srivastava.

Both Harsharan Kaur Randhawa and me Meghna Singh, believe that Internship should be a dynamic learning process, one cannot restrict Internship to very specific contents. Definitely there needs to be a purpose and objective for both Learner and Provider but it should not restrict the learning process.

Hence our Internship training was #evolving and #customizable as per the requirement and interest of the students. It was specifically designed for maximum learning in the stipulated 60hrs of training period.

Since we are in a very initial phase our focus shall be to keep #learning and evolving our processes to bring maximum benefits to the students.

Feeling #grateful and #joyful!

Write to us for all your training and Internship queries at :

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