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10 Tips to spend Quality Time with your Spouse/Partner- On occasion of Valentine's Day!

Continuing with our Series on Marriage Counseling, here is the next topic of what is quality time and how to ensure to spend quality time with your spouse/partner.

The greatest gift you can give someone is your Time because when you give your time. You are giving a portion of your life that shall never come back

Time is the essence cause it never stops, waits or comes back, it continues to pass and in its own pace. As a couple or as husband & wife in relationship it has been found that either they overtime their relationship or completely under time it.

What we mean by it is that either there shall be too much of time spent (caring, sharing, expressing, emoting, teasing, taunting, etc.) or there shall be very little time spent in each other’s company (work, chores, responsibilities, friends, relatives, office colleagues, kids etc.)

In both scenarios it has been found that the relationship gets impacted negatively in the long term.

Excess of time spent takes out the love the excitement and the thrill of the marriage, in fact it actually feels as if done that been there.

Limited time gives rise to doubts, develops insecurities & frustrations. The outcome it has been often seen is a marriage void of trust, caring, sharing, and belonging as well.

Don't you agree?

There is so much talk around quality time but still it’s a mystery as to how much and what exactly is quality time. Let me be very clear for different married couples who are happy in their marriage, the definition of quality time shall be different and it shall be entirely their perspective as to what works for them.

One needs to understand that there are times when you may not want anybody to be around and in that moment your spouse or partner is not leaving you for a moment. However there shall be times when you desperately need your partner but he or she is busy or just unavailable. Repetition of such situations gradually builds in walls and rigs the relationship.

In the initial years of courtship and marriage we advise couples to explore each other’s expectations. Arguments, difference of opinions should be considered as learnings to know your partner’s thoughts, beliefs, and feelings.

Discuss preferences, priorities, find and develop a couple language that works best for you.

"Bottom line is a ‘Sound Marriage needs emotional attachment and respect for each other"

Here are ‘Top 10’ Tips to develop that couple language which ensures whatever time is spent is actually quality time without much effort:

1. Don’t try to control each other, and look for perfection period!

2. Fight, love, and forget.

3. Always remember you are in a beautiful marriage not a war.

4. Avoid using harsh, rude words (it is possible) i.e. Try & learn to remain as non-judgmental as possible

5. Take interest in each other’s passion, hobbies, likes etc.

6. Find common topics to talk about food, weather, travel spaces, literature, relations, friends, sports, music, etc.

7. Understand what angers or bores your partner; limitations of your partner and self.

8. Come to some conclusion on any argument or disagreement before going to bed.

9. Express through non-verbal communication like smiles, hugs, actions, caring, taking over few responsibilities. A MUST.

10. Appreciate each other’s strengths and avoid insulting weaknesses but complement them effectively.

If any of our readers are facing issues in their relationship then there is no reason left to remain frustrated and insecure, just BOOK AN APPOINTMENT with us and Open the door towards a blissful happy married life.

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