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Our testimonials

Due to the nature of our job and to respect the confidentiality of our clients we have refrained from mentioning names

I and my husband discovered difficulty in our marriage even before completing one year. We are two different people with very different views. We needed someone to counsel us, to settle our issues.
We turned to our parents for this but that did not help us much. We were in need of a professional.
Harsharan Ma'am provided us structure while having communication. She listened to us and shared tips to make things better. She guided us to understand each other better and what are the things that we can let go. 
The questionnaire helped to identify the problems and with the help of counselor, we got know how to work on them. 
We are in a better place now after the counselling. Thank you.

Harsharan Mam, is knowledgeable, she helped me with her experience and now I am following her points. She is amazing and she took detailed time to answer my questions. God bless her and wish her best of luck so she keep helping people like us with anxiety. Thank You!!”

Mrs. Meghna Singh provides insights that are very helpful. She was very patient and extremely supportive throughout my counseling period. Thanks

My daughter Akr got married in Feb' 20. Just after marriage travel restriction and lockdown etc. started due to Covid-19. 
Soon after marriage,  it was learnt that the couple is having strained relations and were quarreling on petty issues. 
Upon enquiry it was understood that the difference is due to compatibility issue. Situation became worse day by day.
We took services of Mrs. Harsharan Kaur Randhawa to counsel the couple. The marriage counselor helped my daughter and son-in-law to have an open discussion about their problems. She was an excellent mediator and was able to explain them each other's point of view in a better manner.
It seems that understanding between the couple is increasing and there are more happier moments between them as compared to earlier situation. 
Thanks to Mrs. Harsharan Kaur Randhawa.

I have always been the one who doesn't share much and keeps emotions to myself, thinking people won't understand much so there is no use. And it made me into an unhappy person overtime.

A loved one suggested "Peace of Mind" Counselor to me 5 months ago, and it has been a blessing since then, to have a guidance force such as Meghna ma'am.

I thought I will only take 1 session, but her inputs and suggestions are so valuable, that you feel there are solutions to our problems, with a right frame of mind and steps.

I highly recommend therapy sessions with The Peace of Mind Counselor. The anonymous and respectful way of communication, hearing problems and guiding to a better life, from relationships to career, you can seek to make it better with Meghna ma'am's therepy sessions.

All the best

*At the outset I have to admit that the reason for this submission is the gratitude I want to convey to my healer. My first experience with the counsellor was an eye opener. I have to compliment her ability to display patience and empathy to my feelings. I feel that a personal touch is the most important aspect and this was immense in all our interactions, wanting me to have more sessions. I was impressed by Meghna’s involvement in my problem and felt very free to discuss and relaxed after the counselling sessions. She provided me deep insights into human behaviour and reactions to wilful situations. I am thankful to her for all her help and transformation of myself. I am now free of my psycho social problems and wish to recommend her to anyone who might need help. -
" It is honourable to fail and not to achieve, than to cheat and achieve" Abraham Lincoln"

We came to PeaceofMind for our daughter's social withdrawal and aggression. We must say the counsellors very patient and listened to us in detail. They seemed to understand our situation and problems and gave constructive actions for our daughter. It did take multiple sessions but as a family we had to understand the issues and accordingly bring the changes advised. My Daughter is happier, interacts and has opened up a lot. A delight for 

I spoke to Dr Meghna on phone, she listened to me patiently and after comprehending the whole case she gave me a very simple solution to the problem which is easy to follow. She was quite understanding and told me what area I need to work on candidly. I would highly recommend her for any counselling issue.Thanks!

We are so fortunate to have found Harsharan mam as our counsellor. Our long term marital issues were systematically addressed by her. She was very patient with our outbursts, mood swings and helped us to become more self-aware and also find our love, respect for each other. We hope to continue to live by her recommendations as we see a great change in us. Thank you so much Sharan mam and Peaceofmind. 

PeaceofMind came as a big relief for us. We got real insight into our troubles and were able to get an understanding of issues. We needed this closure. Now we as a family are happy and better equipped to deal with our problems. Thank You!

My friendship with Meghna goes back to our childhood days... Had lost touch with her but many years after we came close once again. But this time she came to me as pillar of strength. Those were the days when I was totally lost. I was trying to run away from my own fate. There were problems in my life for which I did not have any solutions... She stood by me and gave me strength. Taught me how to believe in myself.. taught me to find happiness... I learnt that my life does not depend on others. Now I am happy as I have found a path in life where I don't have to lean on others. I have found myself back and all because of my dear friend.. Am sure she would be a light in other peoples darkness too.. All my wishes to her for her future endeavours. I would like to tell the world.. if you have any problems please do go to Meghna... My friend is the best..."

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