Workshop: Adolescent Anger Management

Updated: Mar 20

Anger is a very strong emotion experienced by all of us at some point in our lives or in specific situations that could be triggered due to various reasons. Anger in children especially in adolescent (9 to 17yrs) children if not understood maturely and managed well has been found to pose risks of for example school failure, adult unemployment, physical violence, mental illness, social withdrawal, failure in establishing or sustaining relationships etc.

We at PEACEOFMIND understand the implications of uncontrolled or misunderstood anger especially in adolescent age. To this regard we organised an Anger Management Workshop for Age-group of (11 to 17 yrs) on the 19th of April, 2019. The idea was to enable the children to understand the causes and reasons that lead to their anger and how it was impacting them. Additionally to ensure them that anger was just like any other emotion and that it was equally necessary to express their anger and not bottle up. Bottled up emotions always affect us adversely for long term.

The Workshop was designed to be very interactive where the children could share their anger situations and as per the objectives of the workshop provide inputs at different stages. We had a Role - Play activity where the children enacted their emotions based on their anger situation for example at home with parents, with siblings, in school with teachers and peers.

Overall the workshop was quite successful and we had an overwhelming response from all participants. The parents were too very keen to be involved. Its a promise that we shall be definitely conducting a workshop for the parents in the same context of Anger Management.

As our regular practice set of Handouts, containing a detailed content on Anger Management were distributed to the children/parents. A source of reference readily available for the family to read, understand, think and practice the anger management techniques for a better overall family environment.

Here is a glimpse of the Moments of the Workshop:

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