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Want to be Effective in life? Know How!

Psychologist Meghna Singh of Peaceofmind Counseling Services, Noida, collaborated yet again with PsyCoolG Connect to present a very relevant concept of 'How to achieve personal effectiveness in life', on the 17th of October, 2020. The Webinar was streamed live on YouTube and it received a very engaging participation from the viewers.

Each one of us tries to be effective or perseveres to be effective in every aspect of our lives especially at our workplace and home. But even with all the hard-work and efforts being put we kind of find ourselves lagging somewhere. Additionally all the tricks and skills required to be successful does not actually signify that one is Effective.

Effectiveness implies that one is able to deliver in all kinds of circumstances, even when faced with lot of challenges or adversity. To be effective suggests one has good control over ones emotions, actions and thoughts, and is able to sustain healthy relationships as well.

This webinar was a revelation for many since the concepts were actually very simple contained in only Three Elements i.e. Self-Disclosure, Openness to Feedback and Perceptiveness, but difficult to implement.

Individuals who are able to utilize and practice all the three in balance are actually Effective in life. But it is not the case mostly, since either we don't disclose (talk) much about ourselves or we get offended when we receive feedback and yes we can be quite poor in perceiving people and situations. All these three aspects restricts us to be effective in all activities and interactions that we do.

Counseling can be sought to understand these elements , how they play a role in ones life, how the individual utilizes them in his daily interactions, the gaps can be found and accordingly your counselor or psychologist can help you to learn, practice and implement in your life.

Hence being Effective is not a prerogative of a few elites but is achievable by all of us with some insights thought training and practice.

Here is the link to the Webinar:

If you want to know your Personal Effectiveness Score and subsequently learn to be more effective then give us a call @ 7836950905 or email us at:

This is applicable to Adolescent children as well starting from 12 yrs.

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