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Talk for ONGC Ladies

Peaceofmind Counseling Services was honoured to be invited to address the ONGC Ladies for one of their events. The interaction was on 'STRESS MANAGEMENT AND MENTAL HEALTH'. Counseling Psychologiest, Meghna Singh conducted the talk.

The idea of stress, anxiety, and depression, the misconceptions and myths around it along with how women face stress and deal with it was discussed at length.

It was almost a 45 min interaction where all the participants were enthusiastic to discuss and understand stress, its symptoms (persistent headches, indigestion, high blood pressure etc.) and how to manage ones stress. They shared their unique life experiences and even conveyed how individually few of them mangaed their stress through medication, staying active and not mixing work with home etc.

All in all the event was highly successful and each one of the ladies extended their appreciation and insisted on future such awareness interactions.

Here are few pictures:

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