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Power of Thoughts

Thoughts are a very important part of our life that we keep having day in and day out. Thoughts can be conscious as well as involuntary. Most of us value our thoughts a lot. Hence our thoughts are very powerful. They can either make us or break us.

But have you ever given it a thought, why do we say so? What kind of power do our thoughts have? Why it is said that they are very powerful?

It is because our emotions are related to these thoughts. Every time we have a thought, an emotion is behind it and this emotion is based on the belief that we hold related to that thought.

The way we behave or react to certain events or situations is called as the emotional reaction based on our belief system. This emotional reaction can be positive or negative and this is fully controlled by the kind of thoughts we have. A positive thought will create a positive belief which in turn will lead to positive emotional reaction on the contrary; a negative thought will create a negative belief which in turn will lead to negative emotional reaction.

Our thoughts keep coming in our mind from everywhere. They build an infrastructure in our mind. It is solely in our hands, what kind of infrastructure we would like to build, negative or positive or rather Constructive.

Thoughts are like food to our brain, our mind and we can either feed it with healthy food or unhealthy food. Now, by healthy and unhealthy food we mean positive thoughts or negative thoughts. Positive or constructive thoughts lead us to a path of happiness and satisfaction and negative or destructive thoughts lead us to stress and unhappiness.

Thoughts greatly affect our behavior and actions. The way we feel about ourselves is all driven by our thoughts. For example, if a person thinks himself as a failure, he believes himself as failure, he behaves as a failure and this reinforces his belief that he must be a failure. In another example, if a person feels that he is good for nothing and can’t advance in his career, this belief of him about his own self makes him feel discouraged and causes him to put less effort in his work which prevents him from getting promotion. This reinforces his belief that he is actually a failure.

This doesn't imply that you do not process your experience of the negative events of life. Life shall give us all kinds of experiences thus in case we are faced with failures then we need to evaluate why it happened, what reasons could have resulted in the failure event, what efforts can be put to ensure the next time we don't fail. Experiences should be taken always as a learning rather than suppressed as demeaning thought cycles that absorb and absolve you completely.

Whether you think 'I can' or 'I cannot', you are actually true. In other words, you get, what you think. Creating a positive outlook can lead to better outcomes in life. Always remember, “Your thoughts can be your best friends or your worst enemies, it’s all in your hands.”

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