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'Mission Shakti' invites Meghna Singh to speak on relevance of mental health for women

Counseling Psychologist Meghna Singh, Co-Founder Peaceofmind Counseling Services, Noida was invited by the Lucknow Development Authority to participate as a guest speaker (Mental Health) for a six day long program on the occasion of World International Woman's Day and 'Mission Shakti' a state level program dedicated to the Self-Reliance, Protection, Honor and overall upliftment of women from all walks of life. Joint Secretary Lucknow Development Authority Mrs Ritu Suhas conceptualized this 6 day program and brought it to its beautiful culmination on the 6th of March.

Meghna Singh, spoke about the relevance and importance of mental health in shaping the future of women in the society. Women have always been the silent giver and an idol of patience managing household, children, and now even while working. Thus it becomes more important for her to look after her own mental health.

Mental Health along with physical health should be a priority for a woman to be able to cope with her stressful life. A strong healthy woman can build a strong and healthy society.

The event was very successful and appreciated by one and all participants coming from different walks of life. The audience were of the view

' they needed more time to discuss and brainstorm around Mental Health and Counseling hence a separate focused webinar should be conducted on mental health for women.'

Peaceofmind Counseling Services under Meghna Singh and Harsharan K. Randhawa feel immensely grateful for being accepted and acknowledged. Their endeavor to contribute towards eradicating mental health problems from this world is sowing its seeds little by little.

We shall continue to participate and put focused efforts in building a more Mentally Stable community and society.

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