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Live Webinar on IKIGAI - the Japanese way of life

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

In association with PsyCoolG Connect a sub branch of PSYCOOLG WELLNESS PRIVATE LIMITED, Bhiwani, Haryana. Peaceofmind Counseling Services' Joint-Head, Counseling Psychologist Meghna Singh, presented a very engaging and interesting webinar on IKIGAI, that was live streamed on Facebook and YouTube on the 24th of September, 2020 between 3-4pm.

National Geographic esteemed reporter Dan Buettner, in his research discovered 5-7 regions that he named as Blue-Zones, one of which was the Okinawa Island. Maximum number of Centenarians are found to be living there and while studying their life, he found that they operate on their IKIGAI i.e. their values, their systems of Moai, Hacha Hari Bu and other practices combined together. IKIGAI allows them to be always in the FLOW and helps them to lead stress free, contented and healthy long life.

People in todays times need something to anchor them to relieve them from the cycle of pain, problems, negative emotions and useless pursuits. IKIGAI truly helps and enables not only individuals but the whole community if practiced with full conviction.

The session was amazing and very good constructive feedback was received. Feedback always encourages us to better ourselves and be more effective in our future programs and interactions.

The interaction session at the end of the webinar gave us the insight into the participants issues and allowed us to address them, unfortunately the Q&A was timed hence had to end.

If any of the participants is reading this blog do kindly know that I/we are available online and we shall be very happy to provide consultation.

Here are few of the live comments received. We want to thank each and every participant who spared their valuable time to attend the webinar and know more about IKIGAI at the same time took away some key points to apply in their lives.

'come with many more such presentations'

'You are just superb amazing I would repeat again that you are practical'

'Q&A was superb'

'Hello Meghna Di, I am always a fan of you , you always give motivation explaining so nicely!'

'Wow, great philosophy of life, some of the points match with swami Vivekanada's teachings'

' very organized and productive presentation lots of love thanks'

The video on The Ikigai Way of Life is available on Youtube!

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