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Forthcoming Event on Mobile Addiction for Teenagers and Parents-3rd/4th April (3-5 PM)

Smartphones, Mobiles, IPhones Tabs, Laptops have completely taken over our lives in so many ways that we have stopped realizing how they might be impacting us adversely.

Moreover when we do realise it, it seems extremely difficult to detach ourselves from using it.

Young Children and Teenagers are getting affected by excess use of mobiles by staying online or playing video games, at multiple levels negatively mainly their academic performance, social skills, conduct & behaviours, physical and mental health.

To this effect Peaceofmind Counseling Services is organizing a two day workshop for both Adolescents and their Parents to develop healthy mobile usage skills and become aware of its adverse impacts.

Do know that this behavioural disorder (Mobile Addiction) can happen to anyone and at any stage or age. Having deeper understanding and knowing how not to allow your mobile phone to control you shall only benefit you.

Don't Miss out on this opportunity. Come and register with us and gain benefits of learning all about Mobile Addiction.

OR follow the process below

1. Register through WhatsApp@7836950905/9810152499 by messaging

2. Select Days i.e. Day1 or Day2 or Both Days.

3. On Approval, make Payment via PayTm or GooglePay

4. Get 20% Discount if booking for both days

5. Receive Registration Message

6. Get Added to the Webinar WhatsApp Group

Our Paytm and GooglePay number is: 9810152499

Here is the detailed Agenda of the WEB-WORKSHOP.

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