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COVID-19 Stress Management for Adolescents

Peaceofmind Counseling Services carried out an open webinar for Adolescent children to manage Stress that they were experiencing due to the Corona Lock-down. The webinar of entirely conceptualized, designed and presented by Counseling Psychologist Harsharan K. Randhawa.

The focus of the webinar was to provide the children with Tools and Skills to counter any kind of stress or pressure situations not restricted to this lock-down only.

Simple stories like that of the Worry Bug, and techniques like the Magic Box and Rainbow of Affirmations got the young audience hooked up and maintained their interest though-out the webinar.

A huge booster for us to continue reaching out to all age-groups and address their relevant problems.

Another aspect covered in the webinar was to make the children understand that we should focus and address all things and situations that are under our control. Overthinking or being tensed on anything that is not in our control shall always lead to negative emotions and we should hence try to focus all our energies towards the things that we can control.

The webinar was a huge success and had a big turnout of willing parents and their children aged from 10 to 17 yrs. The feedback that we received was very overwhelming and encouraging for us. We plan to conduct more such webinars for the benefit of Children, young Adults, Parents etc.

Here are few of the Feedback that we received:


Pandemics like COVID-19 are likely to have negative and depressing impact on everyone and specially kids, who are not allowed to step out of their homes. They are not even enjoying their much awaited summer vacations...

Today's session on Learn to cope with stress during lockdown for Adolescents was an amazing and enlightening session for Eidha who has now been motivated by your ideas and is full of positivity.. she has even prepared a cup cake for herself as her stress buster activity☺️ thanks a lot for this wonderful session!"

"She was very positive about it and found it very informative. She spend the evening later making her magic box . I think you must have spoken about in the session . So I am certain it was really helpful for her 😊👍. Thanks for inviting her for the session ."

All visitors are kindly requested that we are available to conduct webinars and one-to one sessions for clients who are in need or who wish to organize webinars for their employees, societies or small groups. Kindly email us at : or call us directly to 7836950905/9818217977 for topics and logistics.

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