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Group Counselling- How to increase Concentration?

Updated: Mar 20, 2020

Apologies for the late posting. Better late than never!

Well, after our two rounds of 'Introduction on Adolescent Issues@Peaceofmind Counselling Services, we launched our group workshops for adolescent children on "How to Increase Concentration". The workshop was a great success and all the participants including the mothers got to know the various concepts around Concentration: Memory, Sensory Organ Role, types of memory, their role in allowing us to concentrate on any given activity and what were the various factors that lead to lack of concentration.

The workshop picked on from where we left in our Introduction Workshops, by giving a glimpse into personalities of the participants and how their personality traits could be polished for better results.

Through games and exercises the children were able to understand how they could practice increasing their concentration powers and also how not to be selective while concentrating.

Lot of information in the form of handouts was shared both with the children and their mothers. How parents could help and assist their kids to concentrate on desired work and how they could take a holistic approach towards building better personalities for their children.

Here are some beautiful moments from the workshops.

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