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PEACEOFMIND Initiates Group Counselling Workshops for Adolescent Children

Updated: Mar 20, 2020

PEACEOFMIND took the first step towards launching its series of Group Counselling Workshops for adolescent issues this April.

The first session was divided into two batches of participants. It was an Introductory session for the children to get to know each other and their counsellors, at the same time get introduced to various terminologies used exhaustively these days, referring Adolescent Issues like Peer Pressure, Bullying, Lack of Concentration, Time Management, Irritability, indiscipline and disrespect of authority, Identity crisis etc.

The idea was to break the ice and allow the children to know that they had a platform where they could easily interact, share, learn without being judged.

The workshops are designed as such that it incorporates activities, games, discussions, retrospection and introspection and includes psychometric analysis to enable the children to understand simple things using data and loads of examples.

The counsellors don't want to preach/teach rather create an environment that itself enables the children to think and analyse their own thoughts, feelings and behaviours along with those of others and choose appropriate actions.

Busy answering a psychometric test

The best part of this entire exercise was the active participation of the children in all activities.

We shall be sharing more pictures of the events in the subsequent posts.

In the coming weeks PEACEOFMIND shall be taking up the top 5 adolescent issues (targeting the 11/12/13 yr olds). Our next set of Group Counselling Workshops shall be dedicated to "CONCENTRATION OR LACK OF IT".

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