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What is Stress?

Tuesday, 10th Nov, 2020


Stress is a slow poison that gradually eats into our mental health and peace bit by bit.


One to one/Face to face counselling with the client. In such cases, unless not required we do not interact with the family and provide remedies and resolution to the problems of the client one on one...

Individual Counselling
Adolescent Counselling

These days ages between 9 yrs to 18 yrs are very crucial and critical for adolescents. Not only are they faced with developmental challenges (puberty) but also are influenced by peer pressure...

Child Counselling

With changing times, values, and lifestyles children are the most affected and their growing brains many a times are challenged to make these adjustments. At the same time we are hearing more ...

Your Child

Monday, February 5, 2018


A guide to understand your child's physical and psychological development milestones.

Teenage Problems

Saturday, February 11, 2018

​​Know about all kinds of common problems faced by your teenager.

Relationship Counselling

It would not be wrong to say that root cause of most of the psychological ailments arise due to minor relationship stressors that gradually grow big enough to start troubling the psychological...

Counselling Groups/Workshops)

For generic career and common problems we recommend group counselling for families, students, parents. Additionally for WorkPlaces and our Corporate Workforce we provide Workshops/Seminars/ Webinars.... 

Are you facing problems in your marriage?

Thursday, February 22, 2018


These could be the most prevalent issues in your marriage for which counselling can help. 

Online Counselling

Peaceofmind, understands the needs of clients who have odd work hours or who are initially hesitant for face to face counselling. We cater to them by providing counselling through online means like Skype, Webinars etc. Know more about our online counselling process and the terms and conditions...



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